Faked Reality 1.0 Released -3 July 2003
The first public release of the Faked Reality engine is now available. Check the setup section of this site for more information on setting up your build of the engine. A new screenshot has also been added, demonstrating the shader system through a grass shader. Additional screenshots can be found in the Mogui site.

Mogui Site -9 June 2003
The official Mogui website, the demo for the Faked Reality engine, has been launched. It can be accessed through the navigation bar on the right.

New Demo Release -15 May 2003
A second Mogui demo is available for download. This demo features several bugfixes as well as collision detection. It can also run on older graphics cards such as the Geforce 1 and 2 chipsets.

Screenshots and Alpha Demo -4 May 2003
The first Mogui alpha demo has been released, this file can be downloaded here. This demo requires a 3d graphics card with a programmable pixel pipeline. Also, the screenshots paged has been updated with images from the demo.

Scripting System Finished
-18 Apr 2003
Full LUA scripting support has been integrated, allowing to extend the engine easily using this exciting language. Game code can be prototyped rapidly using this new language. Also the setup page has been downloaded with new instructions on requirements and the setup of boost.

Faked Reality Homepage
-12 Apr 2003
This is the homepage for the Faked Reality project. Including various resources such as a features list, setup directions, and media in the form of screenshots. Be sure to visit the FR forums for discussion on this exciting new engine.

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